Answered: Can fish digest corn?

fish digest corn

Fish foods are made to suit the digestive capabilities of fish. Such types of food are good in taste that’s why you run out of them very fast. Plus, if you’re fishing and don’t have fishing food, what else can you use as bait. Can you give human food like corn to fish?

Can fish digest corn? It’s a common misconception that corn can damage the digestive tract of fish. When in reality, fish love to eat corn. In fact, it’s used as a popular bait to attract fish in ponds or lakes.

What type of fish gets attracted to corn?

Corn can be said as the most effective bait to attract fish. However, some species can adore sweet kernels more than other species. If you’re fishing and want to attract fish faster, you can use corn. You should also know what type of fish gets easily attracted to corn.

The most popular species attracted to corn faster are panfish like bluegills, crappie, and perch or trout fish. It’s simple to create the setup. You can either use a sliding sinker rig to catch a trout from shore or a hook suspended beneath the bobber if you want to catch shallow water panfish.

You can use corn for kokanee fishing, too, as it’s extremely efficient. Dyed corn is also popularly used by some anglers for kokanee fishing, and fishes absolutely love it.

Carp and catfish are also other species that go crazy for corn. Just hang the corn freely on the hook, and the fish will automatically come.

Types of corn to use as a bait

Make fishing easier for you by using these corn types as bait to easily attract fish.

Shoepeg Corn

This might be named the favorite bait used by anglers. It stays firmly on the hook and is best for kokanee. Since you will need only a few kernels at a time, a can of shoepeg corn will last long.

Make fish go crazy by buying a can of shoepeg corn that’s cured with scents and dyes.

Dry feed corn

If you prefer to use a more economical type of corn, use dry feed corn. Before using it for fishing, you need to soak or boil it. These types of corn don’t contain many scents, so you might have to add scents or flavoring to them to attract your target fish species.  

Cured and Dyed Corn

Frozen, canned, or plain corn can catch fish, but make use of dyed-cured corn to increase the catching power. You can buy it from a tackle shop pre-made or make your own at home.

Making cured corn is very easy. Corn scents and dyes can make your can of shoepeg corn into a world-class bait for fish.

Keeping a handful of varieties with you isn’t a bad idea as finicky fish have different taste preferences.

Can chum harm the environment?

There’s no doubt that chumming is a good way to attract fish. Chumming means to spread the bait in large amounts in the water near your fishing spot.

You should do this only where the law allows it and only if it’s necessary. Corn chumming is legal in most states, but you should keep checking with your local authority if it’s allowed in your area. Some rules forbid chumming as it creates large amounts of litter that can biodegrade at least in a month.

Uneaten corn will be left in the water for other animals to eat. Corn might be good for fish but not always for other animals too.

Does corn kill trout fish?

No, corn will never kill a trout fish. Trouts might not digest hard corn properly, but it can go through their digestive system just like snails when trouts consume them. However, corn can take even much longer to pass through the digestive system of trouts when the climate is hotter.


Considering all the facts, we can conclude that fish can digest corn. Though some species might digest it faster while others can take some time, corn will eventually pass through their digestive system.

Now you can give corn to your pet fish, use it as bait while fishing, and rest assured. However, boil or soak the corn in water if it’s hard for fish to chew. Check in with your fish doctor if your pet fish faces any problems after eating corn.

Corn has now become human food as well as fish food so use it tension-free for any type of fish. Slower digestive systems of certain fish species will digest corn slowly, but that doesn’t result in any fatal consequences, especially not death.

However, give a limited amount of corn at a time as it’s big enough for a fish to eat too many at a time.


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