5 Best Electric Boat Anchor Winch 2021

Are you looking for a good anchor winch that will help you fish in a more relaxed and convenient way? Then it is time for you to chuck your manual winch and switch to an electric one instead.

A good electric anchor winch ensures that your boat dock and set sail quickly, easily, and safely. However, since several models are available in the market, choosing the right one can be a challenge. Luckily, we are here to help you out with the best models.

Let’s start with understanding the types first.

Types of anchor winch

1. Windlass Anchor Winch

A windlass anchor winch has the rope and chain rotating vertically, but the winch will be horizontal. The anchor rode is wrapped around a chain wheel at a 90-degree angle in the horizontal windlass.

2. Capstan Anchor Winch

A capstan anchor winch has the anchor line rotating horizontally, but the winch stands in an upright position.

3. Drum Anchor Winch

A drum anchor winch gathers the rope and the chain on a drum and can be mounted anywhere where the winch can directly pull over the bow roller.

Our Top Picks

Best Premium Anchor Winch: Trac Outdoors Pontoon 35 Electric Anchor Winch

“Our premium anchor winch has features like an auto-deploy system, anchor safety chain, making it the best in class.”

Best Premium – Runnerup: Minn Kota 1810126

“And the best premium runner-up anchor winch is, of course, the Minn Kota 1810126, with features like remote control, 12-volt battery, and remote boat positioning.”

Best Budget Anchor Winch: Minn Kota 1810140

“It is not only affordable for the users but can hold up to 40 lbs. It gives huge staying power for a fishing boat of its size along with providing great performance.”

Best Overall: Trac Outdoors Anchorzone 20

“It is the best overall anchor winch which has a maximum capacity of 20 pounds. It also has the function of Up/down buttons and is the best choice for not just boats but also kayaks, catarafts, and party barges.”

Best Budget: Trac Outdoors Deckboat 40

“This one is one of the most simple anchor winches to use, with just as easy navigation. It also comes at an affordable price so that it will fit your budget.”

Our Top 5 Best Electric Boat Anchor Winches

Comparison Table Electric Boat Anchor Winches:

NameItem WeightRope LengthMaximum Anchor WeightSpecial Features
Minn Kota 1810140 DH 40 Deckhand Electric Anchor Winch4 pounds100 ft40 lbs.Easy to install, two-year warranty
Trac Outdoors Deckboat 40 AutoDeploy-G3 Electric Anchor Winch14 pounds100 ft40 lbs.Excellent holding power, High-efficiency 12-volt DC all-steel gear motor
TRAC Outdoors Pontoon 35 Electric Anchor Winch6 pounds100 ft35 lbs.Anchor safety chain, 14-gauge marine-grade
Trac Outdoors AnchorZone 20 Electric Anchor Winch7.48 pounds199 ft20 lbs.20-ampere circuit breaker, Up/down button operation
Minn Kota 1810126 DeckHand 25R Electric Anchor Winch13.39 pounds60 ft25 lbs.Auto touch button, 12-volt battery

1. Minn Kota 1810140 DH 40 Deckhand Electric Anchor Winch

What We Liked
  • Two-year warranty included
  • Handles anchors up to 40 pounds
  • 100-foot rope includes
  • Easy to install
What We Didn’t Like
  • Faulty ropes
  • Nylon comes out of ropes

This Minn Kota Electric anchor winch makes fishing boat navigation simple and straightforward. If you need to stop the anchor swing, simply mount the Davit horizontally, and you’re done.

This anchor winch can accommodate anchors weighing up to 40 pounds and is pre-spooled with 100 feet of 800-pound Test nylon cord. The motor is rated to pull a 40-pound anchor and comes with a 100-foot rope that can support more than 800 pounds. Using a 30 lb. anchor yielded the best performance from this anchor winch. This one also had a lot of staying power for a fishing boat of its size.

The installation process is similarly easy, as most people will be able to mount this anchor winch themselves, and it will typically take less than an hour. With a range of mounting choices, you don’t have to change your boat to mount this hardware, making the process even easier. The anchor winch comes with mounting hardware and installation instructions, and it is also compatible with other Minn Kota accessories.

2. Trac Outdoors Deckboat 40 AutoDeploy-G3 Electric Anchor Winch

What We Liked
  • 12-volt DC motor
  • Excellent holding power
  • 100′ pre-wound double braid anchor rope.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Winch may abruptly stop dropping the anchor
  • Auto deploy feature stops working after continuous use

If you’re looking for an anchor winch with a simple and smooth operation, then you need to check out this Trac Outdoors Deckboat Anchor Winch. Not only does it have excellent holding power, but it also has a high-efficiency 12-volt DC motor, made of all-steel gear. In addition to this, you will also get a 100′ pre-wound double braid anchor rope. The rope also comes with a safety chain that stops the anchor from dropping when you don’t want it to drop.

This anchor winch’s auto-deploy feature is one of its standout features. This option allows the winch to lower the anchor automatically, stopping it immediately when it detects it has reached the bottom of the water. This auto deploy option is simple to configure and allows your boat to maintain a balanced drift. This function is also useful when fishing in large areas.

Most users will be able to mount this winch on their own, and the anchor winch comes with detailed instructions on how to do so. The instructions are great because they make the whole process much easier. If your boat doesn’t have a good position to rest normally, you can even mount the winch upside down for ease of use.

3. TRAC Outdoors Pontoon 35 Electric Anchor Winch

What We Liked
  • Includes assembly hardware
  • Has an anchor safety chain
  • Includes a 14-gauge marine-grade battery
  • Up/down switches
  • Circuit breaker that automatically resets included
  • Has rugged all-steel gears
What We Didn’t Like
  • Motor burns up quickly

The Pontoon 35 Electric Anchor Winch is very similar to The Deckboat 35. They have the same weight level and can comfortably handle an anchor weighing up to 35 lb. The robe is 100′ long in this anchor winch and can therefore support a weight of up to 800 lb. The Pontoon 35 is a long-lasting device.

This winch has an auto-reverse function rather than an auto-deploy system. Although this means you’ll have to work harder to get your anchor out, you’ll still benefit from the added protection that comes with a feature like this. With a strong anchor, free spooling can be extremely inconvenient, but this winch can easily prevent it through the anti-reverse internal clutch built into Pontoon 35.

At its full capacity, this winch can even lift a 35-pound anchor. It is also capable of increasing the speed of 65 feet per minute. Even though the TRAC pontoon 35 anchor does not come with wireless remote control, you can always purchase one separately. The ideal remote control for this winch model is coded T10116.

4. Trac Outdoors AnchorZone 20 Electric Anchor Winch

What We Liked
  • 2-year warranty
  • 20-ampere circuit breaker included
  • Up/down button operation
  • maximum anchor capacity of 20 pounds
  • 100 ft. anchor rope included
  • Ideal for fishing boats, catarafts, kayaks, and party barges
What We Didn’t Like
  • Accessories do not work with AnchorZone 20
  • Gears strip out easily

The AnchorZone 20 weighs around 7.48 pounds and is simple to set up. All of the assembly hardware included in the kit is made of stainless steel. It also consists of sandblasted aircraft aluminum as well as anodized gunmetal grey. This anchor winch is suitable for all boats where a 20 lb. (9 kg) anchor and 100 ft. (30.5 m) of rope are sufficient.

This type of anchor winch is a customer favorite for many reasons. It is specially meant to retrieve and deploy mushroom and river anchors using anchor rope. Apart from fishing boats, you can also use this anchor winch for kayaks, catarafts, party barges, etc.

5. Minn Kota 1810126 DeckHand 25R Electric Anchor Winch

What We Liked
  • Includes a 12-foot corded remote that helps to control DeckHand from anywhere on the boat
  • 25-pound anchor weight capacity
  • Pre-spooled with 60 feet of 800-pound test nylon rope
  • Automatically raises or lowers with the touch of a button
  • Runs on a 12-volt battery
  • Davit stows most styles of anchors
What We Didn’t Like
  • The ropes get tangled easily, and hard to untangle them
  • The line may have to be pulled by hand
  • May slow down at timesotor may get very hot
  • Buttons stop working abruptly
  • Blades don’t stay in place by locking themselves

This DeckHand 25R model of anchor winch from the popular brand Minn Kota comes with a 12-foot corded remote control that allows you to operate from anywhere on the ship. The anchor size stands at 25 pounds, and the winch also includes a davit that will aid in stowing most anchor types. 6

The anchor winch is powered by a 12-volt battery, and 800 lb. test nylon rope is pre-spooled. With a DeckHand electric anchor winch, you can get precise boat positioning and remain on the fish for as long as you want. It raises or lowers the anchor at the touch of a button, and its anti-drug mechanism detects the bottom, allowing controlled drifting.

Factors to look for before buying an electric boat anchor

Here are some things you need to check out before buying an anchor winch:

Anchor size

You should decide the actual size of the anchor before making the final decision to purchase the anchor winch. If your anchor weighs more than 40 pounds, many alternatives are not available. If you have a lighter anchor, something under 25 pounds, the options are more varied, as many manufacturers sell their own type of winch.

Remote control

Remote control is great if you want to just lie down, relax and have a comfortable fishing experience. If the remote does not come with the winch, there are options with remotes that can be purchased separately. Wireless remote controls are possibly the most convenient choice.

Rope size

The ideal length of the rope is determined by the depth of the water. Remember the 3:1 law, which states that the rope length must be three times the depth of the water. This will ensure that enough room is left for protection. Chose anchor winches that have a rope length of at least 100 feet.

Rope material

Another thing you should consider is the material of the rope, which is very crucial when it comes to decision making. Choose material that won’t get damaged easily by water. Choose one that can hold up even though it is constantly muddy. The anchor and the winch’s roles are also jeopardized if the rope is of poor quality. Braided nylon or polyester is the best choice.

Anchor capacity

To ensure the rope’s structural integrity, it’s also necessary to recognize the maximum anchor power. Most anchors weigh around 20 to 40 pounds. If the anchor capacity is 40 pounds, do not use boat anchors weighing more than 35 pounds. Don’t use anchors that exceed the capacity of your boat.

Top Brands

Minn Kota

Minn Kota manufactures the most durable and revolutionary trolling motors and the fastest, quietest, and deepest-reaching shallow water anchors, and the most advanced battery chargers. In 1934, O G Schmidt developed the first gear-driven electric trolling motor. Minn Kota, the brand as we know it today, was born in the heart of fishing land on the Minnesota North Dakota border.


TRAC Electric Anchor Winches gives clear, smooth operation and excellent holding capacity with river or mushroom anchors. Winches are equipped with high-efficiency 12-volt gear motors that use less battery power than competing brands.


How heavy an anchor do I need for my boat?

Most anchors are rated by their holding power. A 10,000-pound boat will only require a few hundred pounds of holding power on a calm day, but on a stormy day, 1,000 pounds or more may be needed. In most cases, 90 pounds of holding power is enough to comfortably anchor a 20-foot boat in winds up to 20 mph. A 125-pound holding capacity is sufficient for a 25-foot boat at the same wind speed.

What is the difference between a windlass and a winch?

The difference between a windlass and a winch is that the line in a winch wraps around the cylindrical part of the winch, while the line in a windlass goes into the front end, runs around the gypsy, and exits out the back through the windlass housing.

How much anchor line should you use if the water is 20 feet deep?

Here’s how you can easily calculate this. For example, suppose the water depth is ‘x’ feet. In that case, the amount of anchor line to deploy is calculated by multiplying ‘x’ feet by 5 to 7. When the depth of water = 20 feet, the anchor line should be calculated as between 5 × 20 and 7 × 20 feet which is 100 to 140 feet.


While people sometimes use manual winches, an electric winch is mostly preferred due to the convenience they offer and how they make your whole fishing experience a lot smoother.

Choosing the best electric boat anchor winch depends upon many factors like durability, rope length, maximum capacity, etc., and the one which fulfills your requirements. However, we recommend the Minn Kota or Trac Outdoors models of anchor winches since they are high-quality products with exceptional features.

We hope you loved this article on the best electric boat anchor winches. If you have any valuable information, let us know in the comments below.


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