Can you mount a trolling motor on the side of a boat?

Yes, you can definitely mount a trolling motor on the side of the boat. However, this would depend on the type of trolling motor you use and what kind of boat you have.

But in most cases, you can easily mount the trolling motor to the side of the boat through the clamp itself.

Trolling motors usually come with two mount types which are the bow mount and the transom mount. In some trolling motors, you may also be able to convert the transom mount to a bow mount. But for some trolling motors, there may not be enough space on either the bow mount or on the transom mount. In this case, the trolling motor is attached to the side of your boat.

Things needed to mount the trolling motor on the side of the boat

  • Trolling motor
  • Clamps
  • Wires
  • Dagger boards (optional)
  • Heavy gear

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Steps to mount trolling motor to the side of the boat

It can easily be done in three steps, here are they:

1. Attach trolling motor through a clamp

Check if there are any brackets on the sides of the boat for mounting. If brackets are present, you can attach the trolling motor directly. If there are no brackets, you can just use the clamp to attach the trolling motor. But ensure that the clamp is firm enough and won’t come out easily.

2. Attach daggerboards if your boat doesn’t stay balanced

Sometimes when your trolling motor is on the side, the boat may go sideways, but this is a simple problem that can be fixed with few daggerboards.

However, make sure that the motor is quite close to the side so that you can avoid daggerboards altogether. Depending on which side of the boat you are mounting, you may also have to turn the motor on a right angle (exactly 90 degrees or perpendicular) to the left or the right side.

3. Add extra weight on the opposite side

Ensure that you add some extra weight on the opposite side of where you’re planning to mount the trolling motor. This will also avoid the weight imbalance issue that usually arises out of the trolling motor being positioned on the side of the boat.

You can achieve this easily by simply pacing a heavy gear on the other side. Once you’ve finished attaching the trolling motor to the sides, make sure that the motor head and the propeller are in the right directions, and with that, your trolling motor is ready.

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