Can You Run A 36V Trolling Motor On 24V Or 24V on 12V?

A 24V trolling motor use 50+ amps for running on the water wide open for 2.25 hr, whereas a 36V uses 40 amps and runs for 3 hrs with a heavy load.

Thus, one can use a 24V to run a 36V trolling motor. Even the amperes used by a 24V trolling motor depend on the speed setting, current, wind, boat weight, etc.

You can run a 36V trolling motor on 24V, but I would not recommend doing so. If you want to do it, in case of an emergency, you need to know few things first, along with the potential drawbacks of running a 36V trolling motor on 24V.

Things to be aware of while running a 36V trolling motor on a 24V

While installing a 36V trolling motor on 24V, you should take special care to ensure that all the connections on the trolling motor should be completely free from rust. This should be checked strictly while ensuring that there are no loose ends and that all the connections are tight and secure enough.

You should also check each cell in the battery for effectiveness. You can do this by using a hydrometer. This is a crucial step because one damaged cell can disrupt your entire system; hence it is better to be alert about the condition of your cells.

Considering all these and considering that you’ve already invested a significant amount in buying the trolling motor, it is best recommended that you don’t run a 36V trolling motor on 24V.

Drawbacks of running a 36V trolling motor on 24V

Running a 36V trolling motor on 24V does work on Minn Kota trolling motors, but did you know the side effects this has? First of all, your trolling motor will become overheated due to the increase in ampere. This also means that along with your amperage going up, it depletes the battery soon compared to their life. In simple words, they won’t be as long-lasting as they previously used to be.

Running a 36V trolling motor on 24V is not a good idea because with the increase in ampere and decrease in voltage, the power and efficiency of your trolling motor decreases.

Even functions like i-pilot and steering will not work properly in this scenario.

Can you run a 24 volt trolling motor on 12 volts?

Now you might be thinking about whether you can run a 24-volt trolling motor on 12 volts? So, I would like to say that it’s possible, depending on the model of your motor, you can attach a 24-volt trolling motor to 12V.

If you are doing so, then the cable-steer or hand-controlled models will not be affected, but it might affect the overall performance of the motor. Whereas if you are using an electric steer motor, then lower volts won’t be a good idea to use for the same.

Therefore, its not suggested to run a 36V trolling motor on 24V or the 24V trolling motor on 12V as it will burn up.

Difference between a 12v and 24v trolling motor?

Amongst the two, the 12v trolling motor is the easiest to run and inexpensive one. But it’s less powerful and provides less thrust than the 24v one. 24v will let the fisher fish for a longer time as it provides increased thrust and gives more power.


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