Can you use a marine starting battery for a trolling motor?

Many people have this question whether they can use a marine starting battery for a trolling motor or not.

Well, the answer is yes, you can use a marine starting battery for a trolling motor, but it is better to use a marine deep cycle battery, as it will endure for a longer period of time.

Why choose a marine starting battery?

A marine starter battery is designed to provide a quick burst of power but is not meant for continuous usage. It is mainly designed to be utilized on boats with heavier plates and vigorous construction to endure the vibrations or pounding that frequently occurs while riding it.

Hence, marine batteries are more expensive than the usual car batteries.

Several types of marine batteries, such as starting batteries, deep cycle batteries, and dual-purpose batteries, are available. Out of these, deep cycle batteries are majorly used for trolling motors.

The marine starting batteries have been designed to start the engine, and it is recharged rapidly by the engine alternator. These marine starting batteries should not be used for trolling motors regularly. This type of battery usually allows a marine boat to start by assigning the power to the engine when one turns on the ignition switch. Hence, it is known as the starter battery.

How to use a marine starting battery for a trolling motor?

If you are looking to use a marine starting battery, then according to our recommendation, choose a 12-volt marine battery with a 110 amp hour rating. It is vital to go for a 27 size battery. If the amp-hour rating is high, it will give you more running time.

You may use the marine starting battery in emergency times as a battery backup but not for regular use.

For a trolling motor, a starting battery is generally required to start the power. Still, to provide power throughout riding the boat, a starting battery is not ideal or efficient as water may get stuck in many instances and disrupt the trolling motor.

Final Words

In general, trolling motors are expensive, and using a starting battery will not cut costs; rather, it might cost you more for the damage.

We recommend using a deep cycle battery for regular usage for trolling motors. It has been specifically designed to work for a long time and withstand several charging and discharging cycles.

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