3 Cheapest Bow Mount Trolling Motor (2022)

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Trolling motors are an efficient way to catch fish; some of the types of trolling motors available are the bow, transom, and engine motors.

A bow mount trolling motor is a traditional and standard type of trolling motor fixed at the front of the boat. It allows you to have exact control over the boat and has additional features.

Watersnake - Shadow Bow Mount Foot Control Motor Trolling Motor
Watersnake – Shadow Bow Mount Foot Control Motor Trolling Motor
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There needs to be ample room on the boat’s upfront to install a bow mount trolling motor. To install a bow mount motor, you will require a flat deck. And you need to make sure that your boat is compatible with a bow mount motor.

Unlike the transom mount, which pushes the water, the bow mount trolling motor pulls the boat through the water. This is why the steering is much more accurate. A bow mount works well and is versatile, but it can be fairly expensive, and here’s how we’ll help you find some of the cheapest options available in the market.

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Our 3 Cheapest Bow Mount Trolling Motors

Bow of a large boat

Let’s compare them based on their features and specifications:

ProductThrustAdditional FeaturesControlWater Resistant
AQUOS Haswing 12V 20LBS Bow Mount Trolling Motor20lbsLED Power reader and Quick-release lever lock.Tilt Twist Tiller.No.
Watersnake – Shadow Bow Mount Foot Control Motor Trolling Motor44lbs/ 54lbsRust resistant.Electric Foot Control PedalYes.
Motorguide X3 Trolling Motor – Freshwater 45lbs/ 55lbs and 70 lbsResponsive Cable Steer/ Variable Ratio Steering (VRS)Foot-controlled/ Five Speed ControlNo.

Cheapest Option: AQUOS Haswing 12V 20LBS Bow Mount Trolling Motor

This Bow Mount Electric Trolling Motor comes with a 20lbs thrust and is made up of reinforced composite materials that combat UV damage and flexing. This bow mount’s control is pretty simple as it comes with the hands-on control along with the Tilt Twist Tiller. The grip of this product is great as you can control the speed and the steering.

There is also a quick-release lever lock. Now, coming to the propeller, it is two-bladed and delivers extra power, which pushes weeds or debris. Haswing also includes a prop pin, washer, and nut.

It has an LED power reader, which allows you to check the available battery power to have an idea when to end the fishing trip.

The length of the shaft is about 23.6 inches or 600mm. The battery back of this product is fairly good as well. This Bow Mount Trolling Motor works great for small pontoon boats, kayaks, inflatable boats, and small dinghy rafts.

What We Liked
  • Resits from UV damage.
  • Good control and grip.
  • Good battery.
  • Extra power propeller.
  • Power reader.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Doesn’t come with a charger.
  • Not that fast.

This is one of the most popular products by Watersnake motor because of its great design. It is easy to operate due to the electric foot control pedal, which is pretty handy.

This electric bow mount trolling motor is about 54 inches or 48 inches and made with stainless steel materials with a rust-resistant shaft. This has a foot control, which requires you to simply pedal and is easy to control. The circuit board of this trolling motor is sealed well and provides waterproof protection.

The propeller is three-bladed with a weedless design. A three-bladed propeller means that it is pretty fast compared to the two-bladed propellers. The thirst comes with an option of 44lbs or 54 lbs. This is strictly a freshwater electric bow mount trolling motor and is simple to use and has a cut-off switch.

What We Liked
  • Easy control.
  • Three bladed propellers.
  • Waterproof and rust-resistant.
  • Has a fast speed and lightweight.
What We Didn’t Like
  • No battery or bracket included.
  • Only works for freshwater.
  • Few features.

Best Choice: Motorguide X3 Trolling Motor Foot Control Bow Mount

The Motorguide is constructed with durable parts and is quite a reliable option. This bow mount trolling motor offers a variety of features for boats and fishers.

It comes with foot-controlled pedals that provide sharp turns and enhances control over the boat. The bow mount’s best feature is its Patented Variable Ratio Steering (VRS), which lets you position your boat accurately even in tough weather conditions. It has 5-speed control.

It is made with stainless steel and an unbreakable aircraft-grade aluminum mount, ensuring great durability and performance. This product is quite noise-free and as it is known to be ultra-quiet on the water.

It even has a precise locking pin and has composite bushings installed in the key areas. This trolling mount is usually for freshwater use and comes with a responsive cable steer, making the steering and pedaling precise.

What We Liked
  • Precise control.
  • Made from hardy materials.
  • Ultra-quiet/ Noise-free.
  • Accurate position.
  • Works well in tough weather.
  • Improved rigidity and durability.
  • Easier to stow and deploy.
  • Wider base for added stability.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Easy motor height adjustment and motor removal.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Only works in freshwater.


Bow of a boat

According to our recommendations, the three bow mount trolling motors mentioned above are some of the most budget-friendly options you will find in the market for all your fishing experiences.

If you want to go a slightly popular choice, then the Watersnake – Shadow Bow Mount Trolling Motor will work great for you as it is water-resistant and comes with an electric foot control pedal, which is pretty handy. The best thing is its propeller, which three-bladed with a weedless design.

But, if you’re looking for a slightly smaller and affordable option, then this option will work great, the AQUOS Haswing 12V 20LBS Bow Mount Trolling. It comes with an LED Power Reader, which will help you check the battery power while carrying out any boating activities.

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