How Do I Know If My Trolling Motor Is 12 Or 24 Volt?

A trolling motor is an essential device in boats and canoes for several reasons.

It makes your fishing experience much easier and lessens the burden for you to keep paddling all the time while you’re fishing. With a trolling motor, you can just keep your legs free and simply relax. But how do you understand whether your trolling motor is 12 volts or 24 volts?

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The simplest way is to look for how it’s wired and how long it lasts. 24 volt one will last longer than 12 volts one.

What do volts in a trolling motor mean?

Basically, volts in a trolling motor refer to the amount of battery power your trolling motor will need to operate. Hence, the higher the voltage, the larger the size of your motor equals to the higher the power of your motor. Usually, trolling motors come in 3 capacities – 12 volts, 24 volts, and 36 volts. The most commonly found trolling motor capacity is 12 volts.

However, there have often been cases when people purchase a trolling motor for their fishing boats, canoes, etc. Still, they do not know about its power. If you cannot identify whether your trolling motor is 12 volts or 24 volts, then here’s how you can find out.

How do I know if my trolling motor is 12 or 24 volt?

Usually, you can find a nameplate on which the power voltage will be written. The nameplates are most often found in the foot petals of the motor. Otherwise, you can look at the configuration of the trolling motor batteries to find the volts.

Open the hood and look at the battery. If you see 6 cells, it’s a 12-volt battery, but if you see 12 cells, it means it’s a 24-volt battery.

In simple words, In a 12 volts system, the batteries are commonly seen in a parallel configuration. In comparison, in 24 volts trolling motors, the batteries are arranged in series.

In a 12-volt battery system, the two positive terminals will be connected to the positive leads and the negative terminals to the negative lead. Still, in the 24 volts series configuration, the positive terminals are connected to the negative leads and vice versa.

A 24 volts trolling system will also usually have 2 sets of batteries; each will be 12volts.

I hope you have understood how to find out whether your trolling motor is 12 or 24 volt. Do share your experience and queries in the comment section.

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