What Does Tripletail Fish Taste Like?

What Does Tripletail Fish Taste Like?

The tripletail is not the most favorable fish among anglers mainly because of how it looks and oddly behaves. Many anglers believe that if a fish looks good, it tastes good too. That’s why tripletail fish is not preferred by many. In reality, tripletail fish has a very good taste.

So, what does tripletail fish taste like? It has a very different, nearly sweet flavor tasting similar to a group or snapper fish. The texture of the tripletail’s meat is not so firm or flaky as it’s a saltwater fish. There are a variety of ways to cook this fish without losing its flavor or quality.

Tripletail Fish

Found near or across the tropics, tripletail is a type of saltwater fish species. It doesn’t really have three tails. Instead, the name tripletail is given due to its elongated dorsal, and the length of its tail fin and anal fins are the same. This gives the appearance of three tails.

Apart from the illusion of three tails, many do not like tripletail fish due to its color and appearance. It’s often mistaken for a cluster of weeds. It also has very odd behavior as it floats near the water surface for no reason. It looks like a dying or dead fish.

How to catch the tripletail fish?

Get knowledge about areas where tripletail fish are found the most. As it’s often seen floating near the water surface, you’ll have pretty good chances of catching it.

Where to store tripletail fish after catching?

If you’ve got a tripletail fish on your fishing hook and plan to eat it later, you’ll have to store it in a place that keeps it fresh until you get home.

You can keep it alive in a bucket of water, but it fights and jumps like a bulldog. So the best way to keep it fresh for a long time is to kill it the moment you catch it. Then store it in a bucket filled with ice or an insulated cooler.

To get only the pleasant flavors from its meat, cut its gills and let it bleed so all the unpleasant flavors present in the blood go out.

Once you reach home, thoroughly clean the tripletail fish. Store in the refrigerator by wrapping it in wax paper or aluminum foil if you’re not planning to cook it right away. Also, store it in an airtight container so that the smell of the fish doesn’t overtake other food’s smell.

The maximum time limit to store the fish in the refrigerator is 3-4 days. Well, if you want to preserve it for a long time, simply freeze it.

Preparations for cooking the fish

Before you start to cook any type of fish, you have to wash it first and remove all of its scales or bones. This keeps the fish fresh for much longer and makes it taste good.

Clean the fish

  • Wash using cold water to remove slime or blood stuck on its skin.
  • Keep the fish upright and then cut it starting from the tail and ending on its head. Make sure you’re not damaging the meat, so use a shallow blade.
  • Spread open the fish’s body to remove its entrails and clean the blood veins inside.
  • Wash it again from inside.

Remove the scales

Many chefs recommend removing the skin of tripletail fish to get a good taste. But if you want to keep the skin, you’ll have to remove its scales.

For removing the scales, hold the fish from its tail firmly and then start scraping all over its body. Do this on both the sides of its body until you notice the scales are gone.


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