What Size Battery Is Required For a Trolling Motor?

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Does size matter? Yes, if you really do want the monster trolling motor get going.

As you know, the trolling motor is a unit, mainly self-contained, that comprises a propeller, electric motor, and controllers which is affixed to the boat of the angler.

It is attached at either the stern or the bow. Of course, when we hear about trolling motors many questions pop up in our mind regarding its usage and utility.

Let me tell you, the trolling motors are indeed a great utility for the anglers and also good for reducing the drag by being lifted up from the water when the primary engine of the boat is in operation.

We all know that a battery is an important element of the motor system. The selection of the battery of an appropriate size for the trolling motor isn’t rocket science. For optimum performance, one should always go for deep cycle marine battery along with good quality and durability.

However, the ideal size of the battery required for a trolling motor is group 27 size along with a 110-amp hour rating. I can say from my research that a deep cycle marine battery consisting of 12 volts would help in getting the desired performance.

The importance of selecting a good battery

To experience the best-in-class performance, it is necessary to select a high-quality battery that will fit the requirements of the trolling motor. Let us understand this through an example.

If you consume healthy meals, you will stay fit and be able to accomplish daily tasks with great efficiency and energy. On the contrary, if you keep eating unhealthy food, you will feel lethargic and won’t be able to perform daily tasks with utmost consistency.

If you will go for a high-quality battery, then the trolling motor would give desirable outcomes in terms of performance and operational ability.

What type of battery is required for a trolling motor?

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Sometimes, just for the sake of saving some extra pennies, we often end up compromising the quality of the battery by purchasing the cheaper ones.

If you want to get optimum output, then always purchase deep cycle marine batteries as they are made up of high-quality material and are durable too. There are two preferable types of deep cycle batteries containing 12 volts which I would highly recommend: AGM and Lead Acid Wet-Cell batteries.

Now you all must be thinking that what’s so extraordinary about these batteries?

  • These batteries are designed specifically for the discharge of current in smaller amounts for a long period of time
  • These batteries support frequent recharging for optimum and uninterrupted performance

Deep Cycle Trolling Motor Battery

The batteries which are used in deep cycle trolling motors are designed in such way to support multi-functionality such as:

  • Fast charging
  • Optimum and undisputed performance
  • Durable exteriors
  • Long lifespan
  • Less Maintenance

As mentioned above there are mainly two types of deep cycle trolling batteries:

  • AGM Batteries: The Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries come with a protective seal and are durable in the long run. These batteries have a longer lifespan as compared to the other batteries available in the market. The average lifespan of an AGM battery is approximately three to four years as compared to the traditional batteries which last long for two years only. Although an AGM battery will definitely cost you more it will be worth an investment if you don’t want to compromise upon the quality and performance. Also, these batteries don’t require maintenance, unlike others.
  • Lead Acid Wet-Cell: If you’re looking for an affordable solution then these batteries will surely work out for you. These batteries have the capacity to tackle the issue of frequent draining and recharging. The lifespan of such batteries is nearly between one to two years. These batteries do require maintenance as and when needed. Also, they are prone to spillage and vibration.

Hence, if you want to make a choice for the best-in-class motor batter for deep cycle trolling, then I would suggest you go for a battery which contains an amperage rating of at least 100 hours along with the size of group 27 with a Reserve Capacity (RC) of 175 minutes approximately.

One of the best batteries for trolling motor use available in the market is VMAX MR127which comes along with an amperage rating of 100 hours with 12 volts.

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Optima Trolling Motor Battery

You all must be wondering that what makes these optima motor trolling batteries stand apart. Let me clear all your doubts. These batteries are best-preferable ones because of the following resourceful features:

  • These batteries come with maintenance-free container packaging, unlike others which require timely maintenance for proper and uninterrupted functionality.
  • It comes with an internal motion that possesses low resistance powers when cranking.
  • Dee-cycle functionality for trolling and propelling.
  • The lifespan of up to four years
  • Quality assurance
  • Optimum performance

Many times, we often end up purchasing traditional batteries available in the market without looking for the must-have features. The optima trolling motor batteries are designed specially to boost the performance of the trolling motor. The Optima Battery 8016-103 D34M BlueTopis considered as the best deep cycle marine battery in the segment.

The optima batteries can be recharged at a faster pace as compared to the traditional ones. Most of the people hate frequent charging of batteries and if you are one of them, then these batteries are made for you. These batteries have the capacity to withstand prolonged periods of time.

Maintenance of Trolling Motor Batteries

Buying a perfect size battery for your trolling motor isn’t enough. The task doesn’t end here. If you want your trolling motor batteries to last for longer periods of time, then the maintenance of batteries is very important.Although some batteries might not require regular maintenance whereas some might require the same for long-run durability.

When you’ve got your hands on good quality trolling motor battery, it becomes pretty much important to keep the battery under proper maintenance otherwise it may malfunction, which can affect the functionality of the trolling motor.

I know many questions must have popped-up in your mind after reading this, but don’t worry the maintenance of batteries is not as difficult as it sounds to be. You just need to follow the given steps:

  • After accomplishing each fishing session with flying colors, make sure to fully recharge the battery for desired results. When batteries are left with no or low charge, it becomes more difficult to recharge the batteries to their fullest capacity.
  • Marine trolling motor batteries require sulfur and lead to operationalize, which can be hazardous to your health. The standard batteries would require frequent maintenance for proper functioning. At the time of operation, the sulfur builds upon the plates of the battery. But recharging the battery would result in returning of sulfate back to the electrolyte solution.
  • Always use a mild cleansing agent to remove the sulfate build-up form the plates of wet-cell batteries.

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As you are advancing towards a technological and mechanical era, it is important to seek knowledge regarding the equipment which you are going to use. Trolling motors are of great use to anglers during fly-fishing.

If you want the optimum and continuous functionality for your trolling motors, then go for the deep cycle marine system batteries such as AGM, Lead Acid Wet-Cell and Optima Batteries, all thanks to their high durability and versatility.

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