Can you use a car battery for a trolling motor?

When we think about batteries, we consider car batteries (lead-acid batteries) as the best. Now there are floating batteries, AGM, or gel-based batteries too…

Different batteries have different costs, recharge time, battery life, etc., so depending on your requirement, you can choose the best fit.

The kind of battery used for a trolling motor is deep-cycle batteries, different from the car battery. They are designed specifically to deliver a good amount of current for a longer period. Therefore a deep cycle battery is used for trolling motors as it doesn’t wear off easily like a car battery.

But in case of emergency, you can use a car battery for a trolling motor as well. Though, using it regularly is not recommended by trolling motor experts. Car batteries are mainly used for starter motors, etc., which require short bursts of power.

Let’s learn more about it.

How to use a car battery for a trolling motor?

In case you want to use a car battery for a trolling motor, it is recommended that you pick a medium-sized car battery of 12 Volts and 60AH. This should be sufficient to power a trolling motor for 10 hours at a low speed until it is fully discharged.

While a car battery can provide more current for a shorter period. Car battery with 1Ah will deliver a current of 1 amp, which can be used for 1 hour.

Look for how many amp-hours are in your battery and your motor’s amp draw to select the best battery for your trolling motor. Since these will vary from battery to battery and motor to motor.

Why deep-cycle battery is preferred?

A Deep-cycle battery has been devised for discharging a good amount of current for a more lasting duration. You can equalize them once a month; this extra low current charge done after the normal charge cycle will keep the cells balanced.

It provides a consistent, steady source of power for your trolling motor. You can charge them after every trip. Remember that the higher the amp hours, the longer it will run your motor.

AGM deep-cycle battery can last for 3-4 years as compared to the traditional batteries.

Final Words

Unlike the deep-cycle batteries, the regular car batteries cannot tolerate being drained all the way and then slowly being recharged. Most of them cannot be stored without being used for long periods of time though they can be charged quickly.

Hence, the duration of using a car battery won’t be equivalent to a standard deep-cycle battery.

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